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Nachdem wir zwei Monate in den Gambier verbracht hatten, erschien uns die erste Fotogalerie zu Mangareva irgendwie lückenhaft. Hier sind weitere Eindrücke von dieser netten Insel, von unseren Wanderungen, neuen Freunden (sowohl zwei- als auch vierbeinig) und dem Alltagsleben im Dorf Rikitea und vor Anker.

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5/40: Western side of Mangareva, looking toward Mt. Mokoto.
6/40: Polynesian hospitality
7/40: More hot curries coming up.
9/40: Picknick with Liesbet and Mark (Irie) on the western side of Mangareva.
10/40: Chapel of St. Joseph in Taku in the north of Mangareva.
11/40: Pamplemousse break
12/40: Another pair beyond repair... The dilemma: so far we've only seen flip flops in the local shops.
13/40: The longed for supply ship
14/40: Statue of Teriapatura, son of the God Oro, the protector of the Societe Islands (this is a copy--the original is in a museum in France).
15/40: Rikitea's post and telecom office (also the only bank in town)
16/40: Baguettes are made twice a day (but you need to order before)...
17/40: ...and are delivered to Pitufa every other morning by Mark and/or Liesbet (inbetween one of us has to go...).
18/40: In the southern winter the weather turned nasty.
20/40: Our lockers are still better stocked than the local shops.
22/40: Starfruit salad
23/40: It can get quite choppy in the anchorage off Rikitea which means splashy dinghy rides.
27/40: Hiking up Mt. Duff. Some local strays follow the cruisers wherever they go.
28/40: The summit of Mt. Duff
29/40: The views from Mt. Duff are incredible: looking over to Mt. Mokoto.
30/40: Taravai
31/40: Aukena (left) and Akamaru (right)
32/40: Rikitea and anchorage
33/40: During the festival somebody poured boiling water or oil over this poor guy.
34/40: He nevertheless enjoyed the hike and ran up the mountain much faster than we could.
36/40: Sunday mass in the cathedral of Rikitea.
38/40: Heavy transport
40/40: The famous black pearls of the Gambier.